Flawless Flavors.
Exceptional Reliability.

Easy to fill, lead-free, non-toxic vape cartridges for oil brands and processors.



High Quality, Lead Tested Ceramic Carts. Custom Orders Available.


High Quality, Lead Tested Vape Pods. Custom Orders Available.


High Quality Vape Batteries For Cartridges & Pods

Exceptional Vaping Experience From Extraordinary Engineering & Technology.

Premium Flavors

The secret to truer and richer flavors, is our unique porous design.

Natural Taste

Our ceramic materials produce tremendous vaporizing heat, yet keep the natural taste.

Perfect Vapor

The exit flow of vapor requires a balanced mixture of oil and air.

Modern Times Call For Modern Cartridges

DVT manufactures cartridges engineered for:

  • The connoisseur pursuing natural aromas and delicate terpenes.
  • The heavy hitter seeking big clouds and the ultimate high.
  • Consistent reliability every breath, every time – no fuss, no leaks.
  • Safety, free from lead and other harmful toxins.

The Direct Vape Tech Process

Our cartridges are made in China – as are most others. But, we didn’t just send a few designs to China and hope for the best. No, we’re all in. We moved there and oversee operations every day. It’s no wonder our product failure rate is less than 0.01%.

North American Design & Control

North American designers, engineers, and quality control experts, work with our Chinese factory partners to design and produce our cartridges.

Great Vaping Starts With Great Tech

We control the supply chain, and visit, and source our materials from only the most advanced and respected suppliers.

Exceptional Lead Times

Partnerships with leading freight forwarders, allows us to track your delivery in real time so you can plan ahead and manage your inventory.

Test Our Cartridges

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